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John West (he also answers to J.D.), like most of us, has been taking photos since childhood. He grew up as an inquisitive child, dismantling household appliances to see how they work – sometimes he even put them back together! Following up on this early affinity for electrical and mechanical things, he earned a degree in Electrical Engineering. Thereafter he held variety of engineering positions, was the president of a manufacturing company, was an independent computer networking consultant, and most recently has been a programmer before pursuing more artistic endeavors.

John believes that the arts, including photography, are about creating beauty and influencing emotions. Engineering and programming, while imaginative, are about creating functionality. Engineering and programming are traditionally left brain activities, while art is traditionally a right brain activity. He feels that photography is the perfect whole brain activity: the right brain vision captures the shot, and the left brain processing converts the vision to artistic realty. Also, after the structure and discipline of engineering and programming, John is attracted to photography’s spontaneity.

John has always found that outdoor activities such as hiking stimulate the creative process. He says: “Some of my best ideas result from contemplative hikes in the woods.” His love of the outdoors and appreciation for the environment is why he chooses to exclusively use digital photography, as opposed to traditional film based processing with its hazardous chemicals and throw-away mentality. “If it takes 175 photos to get one perfect image, the other 174 photos are bits and bytes which can be erased and re-used.”

Please feel free to email John at JDW@Fodoze.com with your thoughts and comments about his work, as well as to suggest locations you find intriguing. He would enjoy hearing from you!