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Team 123A, Scott Eschenbrenner and BW Fancher
Team 135A, Larry Desmond and BW Fancher
Team 147A, Sergio Juardo and BW Fancher
Team 159A, Miles Dyson and BW Fancher
Team X, and
Team AWARDS, and
Team 1, Joe Morrow and Gary Shifflet
Team 2, Joseph Gallegos and Larry Barker
Team 3, Ronnie Koll and Bronson Springstead
Team 4, Curtis Payne and Guy Payne
Team 5, Tom Shoffner and Robert Martinez
Team 6, Bill Walter and Loyd Mauzy
Team 8, Woody Richins and John Fish
Team 9, Larry Desmond and Mike Royce
Team 11, Dos Landsheft and Joseph Gallegos
Team 12, Jerry Herd and Jim Mattocks
Team 13, Dub Cox and Terry Boydstun
Team 15, Michael Black and Skip Prichard
Team 16, Scott Eschenbrenner and Ted Eldridge
Team 17, Sergio Juardo and Roberto Seyffert
Team 18, Tatt Everhart and Steve Brown
Team 19, Bruce Blanchard and Chuck George
Team 20, Eddy Womack and Junior Behringer
Team 21, Shannon Killingsworth and Danny Morris
Team 23, Randy McWright and John Escobedo
Team 25, Hoss Martinez and Tom Barrett
Team 26, Denny Calhoun and Gerry Tully
Team 28, Bill Walter and Dale Sanders
Team 29, Loyd Mauzy and Monte Anderson
Team 30, Dos Landsheft and Chuck George
Team 31, Larry Desmond and Bill Trammell
Team 32, Ronnie Ward and Monte Anderson
Team 33, Hoss Martinez and Gary Shifflet
Team 35, Forrest Brunson and Monte Anderson
Team 36, Dos Landsheft and Randy Walter
Team 37, Jerry Herd and Bill Trammell
Team 38, Juan Colquitt and Peter Escobedo
Team 39, Dub Cox and Tom Barrett
Team 40, Billy Boutwelll and Cliff Yarbrough
Team 41, Tom Shoffner and Buddy Tharp
Team 43, Michael Black and Danny Morris
Team 44, Joe Morrow and Toby Silva
Team 45, Larry Desmond and Randy Walter
Team 46, Miles Dyson and Junior Behringer
Team 47, Loyd Mauzy and Larry Barker
Team 48, Dub Cox and Joseph Gallegos
Team 49, Dos Landsheft and Bud Farris
Team 50, Tom Shoffner and David Lopez
Team 52, Shannon Killingsworth and Wayne Morris
Team 53, Don Billings and Steve Brown
Team 54, Larry Desmond and John Myers
Team 55, Denny Calhoun and Jim Mattocks
Team 56, Woody Richins and Dub Smith
Team 59, Hoss Martinez and Leigh Carter
Team 60, Eddy Womack and Jim Hill
Team 61, Juan Colquitt and Loyd Mauzy
Team 62, Scott Eschenbrenner and Guy Payne
Team 63, Forrest Brunson and Terry Boydstun
Team 65, Denny Calhoun and Dub Smith
Team 66, Sergio Juardo and Monte Anderson
Team 68, Hoss Martinez and Darrel Cook
Team 69, Shannon Killingsworth and Ted Eldridge
Team 70, Loyd Mauzy and Gerry Tully
Team 71, Eddy Womack and Leigh Carter
Team 72, Ronnie Ward and Mike Royce
Team 73, Tatt Everhart and Junior Behringer
Team 74, Juan Colquitt and Dub Smith
Team 75, Dos Landsheft and Steve Brown
Team 76, Spade Hopkins and Bud Farris
Team 77, Joseph Gallegos and Randy Walter
Team 78, Billy Boutwelll and Wayne Morris
Team 79, Johnny Cox and Toby Silva
Team 80, Shannon Killingsworth and David Eavenson
Team 82, Loyd Mauzy and John Escobedo
Team 84, Randy McWright and John Myers
Team 86, Joseph Gallegos and Denny Calhoun
Team 88, Curtis Payne and Jim Powell
Team 89, Ronnie Koll and Randy Walter
Team 90, Juan Colquitt and Darrel Cook
Team 91, Forrest Brunson and Bill Hudman
Team 92, Tatt Everhart and Jack Garrett
Team 94, Billy Boutwelll and Bronson Springstead
Team 95, Joseph Gallegos and Junior Behringer
Team 96, Ronnie Ward and Tom Barrett
Team 97, Michael Black and Terry Boydstun
Team 98, Don Billings and Guy Payne
Team 99, Woody Richins and Jim Powell
Team 101, Bill Walter and Leigh Carter
Team 102, Jerry Herd and Cliff Yarbrough
Team 103, Spade Hopkins and Skip Prichard
Team 104, Ronnie Koll and Joseph Gallegos
Team 105, Tatt Everhart and Lee Fisher
Team 106, Juan Colquitt and Terry Boydstun
Team 107, Dos Landsheft and Peter Escobedo
Team 108, Eddy Womack and John Fish
Team 109, Miles Dyson and Ted Eldridge
Team 111, Jerry Herd and Denny Calhoun
Team 113, Spade Hopkins and Joseph Gallegos
Team 114, Ronnie Ward and Lee Fisher
Team 115, Juan Colquitt and Tom Barrett
Team 117, Michael Black and Cliff Yarbrough
Team 118, Miles Dyson and John Fish
Team 119, Billy Boutwelll and Peter Escobedo
Team 120, Dub Cox and Jack Garrett
Team 121, Ronnie Koll and Danny Morris
Team 122, Joseph Gallegos and David Eavenson
Team 123, Hoss Martinez and Bill Trammell
Team 124, Bruce Blanchard and Buddy Tharp
Team 125, Forrest Brunson and Tom Barrett
Team 127, Joe Morrow and Jim Powell
Team 128, Sergio Juardo and Darrel Cook
Team 129, Miles Dyson and Jack Garrett
Team 130, Shannon Killingsworth and Junior Behringer
Team 133, Joseph Gallegos and Bill Trammell
Team 135, Billy Boutwelll and John Fish
Team 136, Ronnie Koll and Jim Powell
Team 137, Michael Black and Dub Smith
Team 138, Don Billings and Ted Eldridge
Team 139, Curtis Payne and Leigh Carter
Team 140, Eddy Womack and Loyd Mauzy
Team 141, Larry Desmond and Peter Escobedo
Team 142, Joseph Gallegos and Tom Barrett
Team 143, Curtis Payne and David Eavenson
Team 144, Johnny Cox and Randy Walter
Team 145, Ronnie Koll and Larry Barker
Team 146, Michael Black and Roberto Seyffert
Team 147, Bruce Blanchard and Bud Farris
Team 148, Juan Colquitt and Bronson Springstead
Team 149, Miles Dyson and Toby Silva
Team 150, Jerry Herd and Jim Hill
Team 151, Eddy Womack and Wayne Morris
Team 152, Randy McWright and Jim Mattocks
Team 154, Sergio Juardo and Leigh Carter
Team 155, Woody Richins and Bill Trammell
Team 156, Hoss Martinez and Steve Brown
Team 158, Dub Cox and Toby Silva
Team 159, Curtis Payne and Jim Hill
Team 160, Loyd Mauzy and Ted Eldridge
Team 161, Randy McWright and Lee Fisher
Team 162, Johnny Cox and Jim Mattocks
Team 163, Scott Eschenbrenner and Buddy Tharp
Team 164, Denny Calhoun and Dale Sanders
Team 166, Tatt Everhart and Bud Farris
Team 167, Eddy Womack and Terry Boydstun
Team 169, Joseph Gallegos and Loyd Mauzy
Team 170, Randy McWright and Robert Martinez
Team 171, Johnny Cox and Skip Prichard
Team 172, Ronnie Ward and Buddy Tharp
Team 175, Bill Walter and John Escobedo
Team 176, Shannon Killingsworth and Bronson Springstead
Team 177, Miles Dyson and Gerry Tully
Team 178, Dub Cox and Loyd Mauzy
Team 179, Denny Calhoun and Danny Morris
Team 180, Johnny Cox and Larry Barker
Team 181, Joe Morrow and Buddy Tharp
Team 182, Billy Boutwelll and Robert Martinez
Team 183, Forrest Brunson and Jack Garrett
Team 184, Tatt Everhart and David Lopez
Team 185, Bill Walter and Bronson Springstead
Team 186, Ronnie Koll and Gerry Tully
Team 187, Larry Desmond and Dale Sanders
Team 188, Tom Shoffner and Wayne Morris
Team 189, Michael Black and Jim Powell
Team 190, Spade Hopkins and Gary Shifflet
Team 191, Jerry Herd and Skip Prichard
Team 192, Forrest Brunson and Robert Martinez
Team 193, Sergio Juardo and David Lopez
Team 194, Dos Landsheft and Leigh Carter
Team 195, Scott Eschenbrenner and Joseph Gallegos
Team 197, Joe Morrow and Bill Trammell
Team 198, Woody Richins and Roberto Seyffert
Team 200, Loyd Mauzy and Skip Prichard
Team 201, Bruce Blanchard and Robert Martinez
Team 202, Shannon Killingsworth and David Lopez
Team 203, Forrest Brunson and David Eavenson
Team 204, Scott Eschenbrenner and Bill Hudman
Team 205, Randy McWright and Mike Royce
Team 206, Joe Morrow and Danny Morris
Team 207, Spade Hopkins and Darrel Cook
Team 208, Dub Cox and Gary Shifflet
Team 209, Bill Walter and Monte Anderson
Team 210, Ronnie Ward and Dub Smith
Team 211, Shannon Killingsworth and Jack Garrett
Team 212, Don Billings and Dale Sanders
Team 213, Tatt Everhart and Bill Hudman
Team 214, Randy McWright and Jim Hill
Team 215, Dos Landsheft and Lee Fisher
Team 216, Spade Hopkins and John Myers
Team 218, Joe Morrow and Bud Farris
Team 219, Ronnie Ward and Joseph Gallegos
Team 221, Ronnie Koll and Jack Garrett
Team 222, Don Billings and Bill Hudman
Team 223, Tom Shoffner and Gerry Tully
Team 224, Curtis Payne and Mike Royce
Team 226, Johnny Cox and John Myers
Team 227, Bruce Blanchard and John Fish
Team 228, Joseph Gallegos and Buddy Tharp
Team 229, Joe Morrow and Cliff Yarbrough
Team 231, Bill Walter and Bill Hudman
Team 235, Billy Boutwelll and Jim Mattocks
Team 236, Denny Calhoun and Chuck George
Team 237, Larry Desmond and John Fish
Team 239, Dub Cox and John Escobedo
Team 240, Bill Walter and Roberto Seyffert
Team 242, Bruce Blanchard and Steve Brown
Team 244, Randy McWright and Loyd Mauzy
Team 245, Denny Calhoun and Lee Fisher
Team 246, Larry Desmond and Bronson Springstead
Team 247, Miles Dyson and Larry Barker
Team 248, Woody Richins and John Escobedo
Team 251, Bruce Blanchard and David Lopez
Team 252, Michael Black and Mike Royce
Team 253, Don Billings and Jim Hill
Team 254, Bill Walter and Denny Calhoun
Team 255, Scott Eschenbrenner and Roberto Seyffert
Team 256, Miles Dyson and John Myers
Team 257, Woody Richins and Chuck George
Team 259, Ronnie Ward and BW Fancher