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Team 1, Juan Colquitt and Mac White
Team 2, Rod Pratz and Mark Mundy
Team 5, Forrest Brunson and David Eavenson
Team 7, Gene Dyson and John Fish
Team 9, Clay Schlothauer and Gary Schlothauer
Team 10, Sid Savage and Bill Hudman
Team 11, Randy McWright and John Escobedo
Team 12, Bart Oglesby and Mark Bell
Team 13, Hoss Martinez and Tye Gibson
Team 15, Don Kimble and Lynn Laurence
Team 16, Tom Skipworth and Ted Eldridge
Team 18, Joseph Gallegos and Darrel Cook
Team 20, Joe Morrow and Harvey Morrow
Team 21, Bill Walter and Loyd Mauzy
Team 22, Billy Boutwelll and Terry Boydstun
Team 23, Mike Erramouspe and Scott Eschenbrenner
Team 24, Mark Ivey and Wade Ivey
Team 25, Clay McCauley and Dan Bell
Team 26, Jerry Herd and Jim Mattocks
Team 28, Larry Hicks and Ernest Armijo
Team 29, Larry Hooper and Jim Hyatt
Team 30, Ronnie Ward and Guy Payne
Team 33, Casey Dove and Seth Hyatt
Team 34, A-10 Etchevary and Tom Bennett
Team 35, Daniel Garley and Jim Powell
Team 38, Mike Capron and Chris Stahl
Team 40, Tatt Everhart and Steve Brown
Team 41, Wes Vogt and Will Heron
Team 42, Woody Richins and Burl Mardis
Team 43, Don Bogle and Malcom McCarty
Team 44, Don Doak and Darrell Sullivan
Team 45, Tom Shoffner and Robert Martinez
Team 46, Don Billings and Monte Anderson
Team 47, Dow Jones and Mike Capron
Team 48, Kevin Davis and Brent Bagwell
Team 49, Denny Calhoun and Gerry Tully
Team 50, George Lightfoot and Cody Lightfoot
Team 51, Miles Dyson and Art Dunlap
Team 52, Eddy Womack and Junior Behringer
Team 54, Tom Shoffner and David Eavenson
Team 56, Robert Gutierrez and Darrell Sullivan
Team 57, Buddy Tharp and Ted Eldridge
Team 58, Mike Capron and Tye Gibson
Team 59, Wes Vogt and Darrell Sullivan
Team 60, Buddy Tharp and Tom Barrett
Team 61, Bill Walter and Randy Walter
Team 62, Don Bogle and David Lopez
Team 63, Ross Saiz and Chris Stahl
Team 64, BW Fancher and Loyd Mauzy
Team 65, Kelsi Willis and Art Dunlap
Team 68, Mike Capron and Wade Ivey
Team 69, Randy McWright and Will Heron
Team 70, Hoss Martinez and Sid Savage
Team 72, Bart Oglesby and Tye Gibson
Team 75, Phil Hickman and Terry Boydstun
Team 76, A-10 Etchevary and Randy Walter
Team 77, Ross Saiz and Dub Smith
Team 78, Robert Carrillo and Scott Eschenbrenner
Team 79, Daniel Garley and Sid Savage
Team 80, Joseph Gallegos and Robert Martinez
Team 81, Eddy Womack and Dwain Phillips
Team 82, Tim Briggs and Guy Payne
Team 83, Tatt Everhart and Tom Barrett
Team 84, Phil Hickman and Darrel Cook
Team 85, Loyd Mauzy and Chuck George
Team 86, Ross Saiz and Leigh Carter
Team 87, Larry Desmond and Cody Lightfoot
Team 88, Mike Capron and Danny Morris
Team 89, Dos Landsheft and Darrell Sullivan
Team 90, Robert Gutierrez and Steve Brown
Team 91, Jerry Herd and Gerry Tully
Team 92, Ronnie Koll and Tom Barrett
Team 93, Spade Hopkins and Sid Savage
Team 94, Woody Richins and Dan Bell
Team 95, Don Kimble and Leigh Carter
Team 96, Shannon Killingsworth and Malcom McCarty
Team 97, Juan Colquitt and David Lopez
Team 98, Tim Briggs and Darrell Sullivan
Team 99, Daniel McWilliams and Junior Behringer
Team 100, Tatt Everhart and Randy Walter
Team 102, Ronnie Koll and Gerry Tully
Team 103, Buddy Tharp and Daryl Skiles
Team 104, Robert Carrillo and Brent Bagwell
Team 105, Curtis Payne and Cody Lightfoot
Team 106, Shannon Killingsworth and John Fish
Team 107, Eddy Womack and Jarod Harrel
Team 108, Bill Homan and Roy Redding
Team 110, Larry Hicks and Malcom McCarty
Team 111, Forrest Brunson and Randy Walter
Team 113, Robert Carrillo and John Escobedo
Team 114, Mark Ivey and Seth Hyatt
Team 115, Curtis Payne and John Fish
Team 116, Jerry Ledesma and Jarod Harrel
Team 117, Tatt Everhart and Craige Miller
Team 118, Tom Shoffner and Burl Mardis
Team 120, Daniel McWilliams and Jack Garrett
Team 121, Jerry Herd and Larry Hicks
Team 122, Casey Dove and Monte Anderson
Team 123, Loyd Mauzy and Danny Morris
Team 124, Bill Homan and Dwain Phillips
Team 125, Jerry Ledesma and Randy Walter
Team 126, Forrest Brunson and Shawn Callaway
Team 127, Rogene Alford and Bronson Springstead
Team 128, Mike Erramouspe and Denny Calhoun
Team 129, Phil Hickman and Gerry Tully
Team 130, Jerry Herd and Jarod Harrel
Team 131, Casey Dove and Buddy Tharp
Team 132, Loyd Mauzy and Ted Eldridge
Team 133, Danny Monette and David Eavenson
Team 134, Sid Savage and Joseph Gallegos
Team 135, Juan Colquitt and Lynn Laurence
Team 136, Curtis Payne and John Escobedo
Team 137, Clay Schlothauer and Dub Smith
Team 138, Clay McCauley and Jim Mattocks
Team 139, Tom Shoffner and Bill Hudman
Team 140, Ross Saiz and Junior Behringer
Team 141, A-10 Etchevary and Jimmy Chambers
Team 142, Robert Carrillo and Mike Royce
Team 144, Juan Colquitt and Joseph Gallegos
Team 145, Gene Dyson and Larry Hicks
Team 146, Billy Boutwelll and Bronson Springstead
Team 147, Don Kimble and Cliff Yarbrough
Team 150, Forrest Brunson and Darrel Cook
Team 151, Dow Jones and Dub Smith
Team 152, Tom Skipworth and Robert Martinez
Team 153, Juan Colquitt and Harvey Morrow
Team 154, Miles Dyson and David Lopez
Team 155, Bruce Blanchard and Mac White
Team 156, Rogene Alford and Peter Escobedo
Team 157, Bill Walter and Rolo MinJarez
Team 158, Spade Hopkins and Mark Bell
Team 159, Daniel Garley and Cody Lightfoot
Team 161, Michael Black and Robert Martinez
Team 162, Clay McCauley and Lynn Laurence
Team 163, Mike Erramouspe and Leigh Carter
Team 164, Don Billings and Terry Boydstun
Team 165, Wes Vogt and Wayne Morris
Team 166, Larry Hooper and Will Heron
Team 167, Dos Landsheft and Ted Eldridge
Team 168, Clay Schlothauer and Dan Bell
Team 169, Danny Monette and Jim Hyatt
Team 170, Rose Guedea and Chuck George
Team 171, BW Fancher and Scott Eschenbrenner
Team 173, Bruce Blanchard and Jim Hill
Team 175, Ronnie Ward and Seth Hyatt
Team 176, Rod Pratz and Sid Savage
Team 177, Don Billings and Gerry Tully
Team 178, Terry Everhart and Malcom McCarty
Team 179, Dos Landsheft and Roy Redding
Team 180, Woody Richins and Chris Flores
Team 181, Denny Calhoun and Bill Hudman
Team 182, Billy Boutwelll and John Escobedo
Team 183, Jerry Ledesma and Will Heron
Team 184, Don Bogle and Seth Hyatt
Team 185, Shannon Killingsworth and Sid Savage
Team 186, Don Billings and Mark Bell
Team 188, George Lightfoot and Jim Powell
Team 189, Woody Richins and Craige Miller
Team 191, Spade Hopkins and Darrel Cook
Team 192, Eddy Womack and Bronson Springstead
Team 193, A-10 Etchevary and Cody Lightfoot
Team 194, Rose Guedea and David Eavenson
Team 195, Kirk Amis and Chris Flores
Team 196, Roger Rutherford and Jimmy Chambers
Team 197, Tim Briggs and Kit Carson
Team 198, Randy McWright and Rolo Minjarez
Team 202, Dos Landsheft and John Escobedo
Team 204, Ronnie Ward and Denny Calhoun
Team 205, Mark Ivey and Jarod Harrel
Team 207, Daniel McWilliams and Daryl Skiles
Team 208, Guy Payne and Cliff Yarbrough
Team 210, Jim Farell and Jim Hill
Team 211, Pat Bearup and Dale Sanders
Team 212, Sid Savage and Craige Miller
Team 213, Kelsi Willis and Gary Schlothauer
Team 214, Rogene Alford and Jack Garrett
Team 215, Don Doak and Ernest Armijo
Team 216, Daniel McWilliams and Loyd Mauzy
Team 217, Guy Payne and Bill Hudman
Team 218, Jerry Ledesma and Buddy Tharp
Team 219, Ronnie Ward and Mark Bell
Team 220, Ross Saiz and Ted Eldridge
Team 222, Forrest Brunson and Malcom McCarty
Team 223, Sid Savage and Dan Bell
Team 224, Denny Calhoun and Mike Royce
Team 225, Rod Pratz and Leigh Carter
Team 226, Daniel McWilliams and Bill Hudman
Team 227, Woody Richins and Mark Mundy
Team 228, Bill Walter and Monte Anderson
Team 229, Phil Hickman and Art Dunlap
Team 230, Joe Morrow and Jarod Harrel
Team 231, Hoss Martinez and Terry Boydstun
Team 232, Dave Brown and Sid Savage
Team 233, Mark Ivey and Mike Royce
Team 235, Tom Skipworth and Dan Bell
Team 236, Terry Everhart and Ernest Armijo
Team 237, Roger Rutherford and Tom Bennett
Team 239, Rogene Alford and Dub Smith
Team 241, Buddy Tharp and Tye Gibson
Team 242, Danny Monette and Lynn Laurence
Team 243, Tom Shoffner and Elmon Sanchez
Team 244, Rose Guedea and Loyd Mauzy
Team 245, Kirk Amis and Dale Sanders
Team 246, Roger Rutherford and Burl Mardis
Team 247, Billy Boutwelll and David Eavenson
Team 248, Michael Black and Mac White
Team 249, George Lightfoot and Denny Calhoun
Team 251, Guy Payne and Peter Escobedo
Team 252, Buddy Tharp and Steve Brown
Team 253, Rose Guedea and Roy Redding
Team 254, Bart Oglesby and Shawn Callaway
Team 257, Bruce Blanchard and Mark Mundy
Team 258, George Lightfoot and Robert Martinez
Team 261, Randy McWright and Steve Brown
Team 262, Kevin Davis and Wayne Morris
Team 263, BW Fancher and Shawn Callaway
Team 264, Don Billings and Jim Hyatt
Team 266, Terry Everhart and Guy Payne
Team 268, Daniel Garley and Bronson Springstead
Team 269, Jerry Herd and Malcom McCarty
Team 270, Davarie West and Tye Gibson
Team 272, Danny Monette and Danny Morris
Team 273, Curtis Payne and Jim Hyatt
Team 274, Hoss Martinez and Daryl Skiles
Team 275, BW Fancher and Jim Powell
Team 276, Miles Dyson and Dale Sanders
Team 277, Larry Hicks and Peter Escobedo
Team 279, Ronnie Koll and Chris Flores
Team 280, Jim Farell and Wade Ivey
Team 281, Don Kimble and Mac White
Team 282, Mark Ivey and Ernest Armijo
Team 283, Larry Hooper and John Escobedo
Team 284, Larry Hooper and Roy Redding
Team 286, Larry Hicks and Dale Sanders
Team 287, Rose Guedea and Jim Hill
Team 288, Tatt Everhart and Dwain Phillips
Team 289, Clay McCauley and Denny Calhoun
Team 290, Don Bogle and Jim Mattocks
Team 291, Robert Gutierrez and Buddy Tharp
Team 292, Michael Black and Chris Stahl
Team 293, Bruce Blanchard and Loyd Mauzy
Team 295, Kelsi Willis and David Lopez
Team 296, Ronnie Koll and Will Heron
Team 297, Bill Walter and Darrel Cook
Team 298, Pat Bearup and Dub Smith
Team 299, Daniel McWilliams and Ted Eldridge
Team 300, Danny Monette and Dale Sanders
Team 301, Sid Savage and Leigh Carter
Team 302, Kirk Amis and Chris Stahl
Team 303, Jim Farell and John Fish
Team 305, Rod Pratz and Jim Hyatt
Team 306, Don Kimble and Wade Ivey
Team 308, Don Doak and Mark Bell
Team 309, Jerry Ledesma and Dave Hill
Team 310, Forrest Brunson and Guy Payne
Team 311, Tatt Everhart and Chris Stahl
Team 312, Larry Desmond and Jim Hill
Team 313, Miles Dyson and Wayne Morris
Team 314, Gene Dyson and Mike Royce
Team 315, Larry Hicks and Jim Mattocks
Team 317, Wes Vogt and Steve Brown
Team 318, Mike Erramouspe and Dave Hill
Team 320, Spade Hopkins and Brent Bagwell
Team 321, George Lightfoot and Elmon Sanchez
Team 322, Billy Boutwelll and Wayne Morris
Team 323, Dow Jones and Jack Garrett
Team 325, Miles Dyson and Wade Ivey
Team 326, Guy Payne and Jim Hyatt
Team 327, Ronnie Koll and Monte Anderson
Team 328, Tom Skipworth and Tye Gibson
Team 329, Roger Rutherford and Mark Mundy
Team 330, Bart Oglesby and Rolo Minjarez
Team 331, Robert Carrillo and Tom Barrett
Team 332, Dow Jones and Jimmy Chambers
Team 335, Mike Erramouspe and Gary Shifflet
Team 336, Kelsi Willis and Chris Stahl
Team 337, Tom Skipworth and Lynn Laurence
Team 338, Pat Bearup and Jim Powell
Team 339, Tim Briggs and Jack Garrett
Team 340, Robert Carrillo and Rolo Minjarez
Team 341, Dow Jones and Wayne Morris
Team 342, Clay McCauley and Larry Hicks
Team 343, Don Billings and Tom Barrett
Team 344, Eddy Womack and Gary Shifflet
Team 345, Wes Vogt and Mike Royce
Team 346, Tom Skipworth and Roy Redding
Team 347, Joseph Gallegos and David Lopez
Team 348, Robert Gutierrez and John Fish
Team 351, Woody Richins and Larry Hicks
Team 352, Spade Hopkins and Terry Boydstun
Team 353, Clay Schlothauer and Darrel Cook
Team 354, Ross Saiz and Tom Barrett
Team 355, Curtis Payne and David Eavenson
Team 356, Guy Payne and Loyd Mauzy
Team 358, Kirk Amis and Tom Bennett
Team 359, Mike Capron and Harvey Morrow
Team 360, Larry Hicks and Art Dunlap
Team 363, Ross Saiz and Jimmy Chambers
Team 364, Miles Dyson and Jim Hill
Team 365, Loyd Mauzy and Joseph Gallegos
Team 366, Phil Hickman and Chris Flores
Team 368, Hoss Martinez and Buddy Tharp
Team 369, Larry Desmond and Larry Hicks
Team 370, Sid Savage and Mike Capron
Team 372, Don Bogle and Gary Schlothauer
Team 373, Eddy Womack and Rolo Minjarez
Team 374, Joseph Gallegos and Darrell Sullivan
Team 375, Randy McWright and Leigh Carter
Team 376, Guy Payne and Wade Ivey
Team 377, Michael Black and Chris Flores
Team 379, Gene Dyson and Shawn Callaway
Team 380, George Lightfoot and Gary Shifflet
Team 381, Rod Pratz and Peter Escobedo
Team 382, Kirk Amis and Bill Hudman
Team 383, Bart Oglesby and Mike Capron
Team 384, Tim Briggs and Burl Mardis
Team 385, Michael Black and Cody Lightfoot
Team 386, Joseph Gallegos and Terry Boydstun
Team 387, Mark Ivey and Cliff Yarbrough
Team 388, Gene Dyson and Brent Bagwell
Team 389, Dow Jones and Roy Redding
Team 391, Ronnie Ward and Jim Hill
Team 393, Tim Briggs and Jarod Harrel
Team 394, Pat Bearup and Mac White
Team 395, Jim Farell and Mike Capron
Team 396, Daniel Garley and Jim Mattocks
Team 397, Clay Schlothauer and Brent Bagwell
Team 398, Roger Rutherford and Elmon Sanchez
Team 399, Curtis Payne and Burl Mardis
Team 404, Buddy Tharp and Seth Hyatt
Team 405, Mike Erramouspe and Joseph Gallegos
Team 406, Tom Shoffner and Monte Anderson
Team 407, BW Fancher and Ernest Armijo
Team 408, Roger Rutherford and Harvey Morrow
Team 409, Spade Hopkins and Kit Carson
Team 411, Larry Desmond and Dwain Phillips
Team 412, Joe Morrow and Guy Payne
Team 414, Kevin Davis and Joseph Gallegos
Team 415, Daniel McWilliams and John Fish
Team 416, Don Doak and Denny Calhoun
Team 417, Dave Brown and Harvey Morrow
Team 418, Bruce Blanchard and Lynn Laurence
Team 419, Larry Hooper and Gary Shifflet
Team 420, Larry Desmond and Buddy Tharp
Team 421, Joe Morrow and Danny Morris
Team 422, A-10 Etchevary and Jack Garrett
Team 423, Joseph Gallegos and Daryl Skiles
Team 424, Kevin Davis and Rolo Minjarez
Team 427, Casey Dove and Burl Mardis
Team 428, Don Doak and Peter Escobedo
Team 429, Juan Colquitt and Gary Schlothauer
Team 430, Clay McCauley and Wayne Morris
Team 432, Don Bogle and Junior Behringer
Team 433, Kevin Davis and Daryl Skiles
Team 434, Jim Farell and Mac White
Team 435, Kirk Amis and Shawn Callaway
Team 436, A-10 Etchevary and Elmon Sanchez